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Behind Syne

SYNE is a proudly filipino owned women’s wear brand

that specialises in immaculate workmanship and sophistication silk wear. We are best known in making evening dresses which later on included bridal gowns, ready-to-wear, and sleepwear. Our mission is to empower women of today with designs meant to fit her fast paced life. We are a one stop shop of a woman who is honest with her personal style, and finds elegance and versatility its best interests in a brand.

1. What materials do we use?

We use different variety of fabric in our atelier but we are best known in making luxury silk clothes and the type depends on what best works for the design. It varies from bridal wear to evening wear, ready-to-wear to sleepwear. However, amongst all types of silk, we are best known for our premium silk satin. What makes our silk special is the variety of finishes, it’s rich hues and soft textures. From shiny, matte to textured, we have it all. These are well sourced since we import our own, which entails that we are able to extensively screen the weight, quality and texture of the fabric.

Silk Satin – soft light weight silk fabric with a lustrous sheen in front and dull back. This is the most preferred fabric for dressmaking because of its beautiful supple and drapes.
Stretch Silk Satin – is 5% spandex which gives stretchiness in addition to its beautiful sheen and shape.
Sand Washed Charmeuse – a light weight silk fabric with slightly matte finish and a toned down satin surface.Suede Silk Satin – Silk with a light crepe texture in addition to its full drapes.

2. Who are the people who produces the product

Silk is a very sensitive fabric to begin with. It is one of the most challenging fabrics to sew because of its slippery texture. A sewer should be extra vigilant when sewing and making traceless stitches to make sure we don’t damage the fabric. Hence, work with experienced silk sewers only. We hire sewers that have at least 3 years experience in silk wear manufacturing. In fact, our head sewer spent 20 years in silk sleepwear and lingerie manufacturing before working at SYNE, and she chose to work with us. The secret in maintaining a quality workmanship are the people who make them. They should be well experienced in maneuvering this type of fabric to produce well-made silk clothing.

3. How do we produce our silk products/clothing?

SYNE has a production headquarters where we make and produce our line. Our production team consists of pattern makers, sewers, cutters, and quality control team. These are the people our designer collaborates with during sketch to actual execution. During the production process, we make sure our team follows special rules when handling silk fabric. Sewers and Cutters are asked to trim nails, take out hand accessories, and tie their hair to avoid tangling of fabric and possible damage. We also have separate machines to use for non-silk and silk fabrics, machines used for silk are fixed to a specific needle size, a more loose selection panel, stitch width and stitch length regulator set and adjusted to a more traceless stitch count. All of these to make sure we do not cause marks, snags or any damage to the fabric.

4. How do you take care of your silk products?

  • Prepare the silk clothing by turning the item inside out. Segregate the clothing with the same or like colors only.
  • Add two (2) capfuls of delicate wash to a sink filled cool water.
  • Gently distribute the soap evenly in a cool water and soak the silk clothing up to thirty (30) minutes.
  • Do not wring, just gently press the water out of your item between your hands or against the sink/basin. Note: Color in the water is perfectly normal. This is simply the yarn releasing color.
  • To dry the product, carefully place it in a hanger and simply hang or fan dry.
  • Steam to remove wrinkles or iron set to steam in lowest temperature.
  • Store in a hanger with a plastic garment bag to avoid wrinkle, snag or any damage to your clothing

5. AsideĀ from the E-commerce website, where else can I find your products?

SYNE has a studio that is located at Morgan Executives Residences, Mckinley Hill, Taguig City.

We are open by appointment. Our designer holds all consultations and fittings for both ready-to-wear and bespoke in our studio. Each client is given a time slot enough for a one-on-one design meeting with our designer / founder or even just to check and browse through our on-hand collection. To book your appointment, email us at / directly message us at our instagram account, @synelabel.