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Behind Syne

SYNE is proudly filipino owned
women’s wear brand

that specializes in immaculate worksmanship and sophistication silk wear. We specializes in evening dresses which later on included bridal gowns, ready-to-wear, and sleepwear. Our mission is to empower women of today with designs meant to fit her fast paced life. We are a one stop shop of a woman who is hoenst with her personal style, and finds elegance and versatility its best interests in a brand.












What materials do we use?

We use different variety of silks in our atelier, and the type depends on what best works for the design. It varies from bridal wear to evening wear, ready-to-wear to sleepwear. However, amongst all types of silk, we are best known for our premium silk satin. What makes our silk special is the variety of finishes, it’s rich hues and soft textures. From shiny, matte to textured, we have it all. These are well sourced since we import our own, which entails that we are able to extensively screen the weight, quality and texture of the fabric.

Here is a differentiation of the silk we use:

Silk Satin – soft light weight silk fabric with a lustruous sheen infront and dull back. This is the most preferred fabric for dressmaking because of its beautiful supple and drapes.

Stretch Silk Satin – is 5% spandex which gives stretchiness in addition to its beautiful sheen and shape.

Sand Washed Charmeuse – a light weight silk fabric with slightly matte finish and a toned down satin surface.

Suede Silk Satin – Silk with a light crepe texture in addition to its full drapes.